LIFE ON A LEDGE Useing pure water technology for fast window cleaning

Life on a Ledge reach and wash system

Life on a Ledge Pure Water Technology

Window Cleaning? Hi Tech? Yup, its moved on.

1) But Why?

Fourteen deaths in the Window Cleaning Trade each year, on average. Fourteen too many. So all the processes we use are done from the ground. No Ladders.

2) How So?

We use Extendable Poles with Soft, Jetted Brushes to wash away the grime.

3) How Does It Work?

By pumping de-mineralised water (see below) through the brush, the dirt is easily dissolved, including bird attacks, and your Frames & Windows come up a treat.

4) Benefits to Me?

After 2 or 3 cleans, your glass is pretty well sterilised and this has the effect of inhibiting the nuclearisation of air borne particles on the glass. So your windows stay cleaner, longer.

So we dont come round so often. And we dip into your wallet less often. (Some customers only see us every 9 weeks)


What is pure water technology?

well basically it is the use of purified water (de-mineralised) to clean your windows.

Water is passed through a series of filters which removes all contaminates which contribute to the water hardness (chlorine, limestone,sediments) this process is called reverse osmosis. It is these contaminates in your tap water which cause the smearing of your windows when used for cleaning.

How do we apply this water?

The purified water is pumped through pvc tubing up specially adapted poles and then through soft jetted brushes onto your windows.

The brushing motion agitates the dirt on your frames, windows and sills and then is rinsed away, the windows are then left to dry naturally

after this process is finished your windows will be left squeaky clean!

Using this method on a regular basis your windows will become sterile after cleaning.

Pure water technologyPure water technology tools used

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