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Solar panel installation companies are making solar panel cleaning a condition of their warranty. Should you have problems with your solar panels, if you do not have proof of regular solar panel cleaning by professionals, your solar panels may not be covered by the warranty.

If solar panels are not cleaned properly they will not run at there optimum performance, meaning the sole purpose for having them becomes pointless.

At life on a ledge we have experienced teams to clean your solar panels. Our Solar panel cleaning approach means the most delicate wash possible is used, to ensure no damage will ever come to your solar panels.

Some people believe rain water is an effective wash for solar panels, but over the years and the ever increasing popularity of solar panels this belief has been proven wrong.

Don't hesitate and book a solar panel clean by life on a ledge today and see just how much more efficient a clean solar panel is!

* It is recommended to clean solar panels every 2 years

Solar Panel Cleaning:

Areas covered:
  • Frome

  • Westbury

  • Warminster

  • Radstock

  • Bath

  • Trowbridge

  • Corsley

  • Beckington

  • Bradford-On-Avon

  • Peasedown St John

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